Music Lenses

Music to your eyes.!

After 2 years of trials, we are pleased to announce the success a range of music lenses to suit all types of musicians.

Whether for individual tuition, intimate quartets or large orchestral ensembles, Zeiss have the complete range of lenses for you.


For stand music either on a piano or a wind / string instrument we have the closest Music Lens No 1. Focussed at approximately 60 to 80 cm it allows you to see your fingers and the music in clear clarity.


For an ensemble or chamber music groups we have the intermediate or Music Lens No 2.

This lens is focussed at your fingers and 120 to 150 cm range. You’ll have no excuses to drop a note or not follow your leader.


For larger groups or orchestral requirements, we have Music Lens No 3. This lens is focussed at your fingers and that all important conductor.

No more reprimands when you miss your intro.!


Zeiss has spent years researching these products, so they all come with a world class anti-dazzle, super tough coating. This is essential to pick out those crotchets and quavers. No annoying reflections to blur the print.


Come and speak to the optometrists and technicians at 2020 Saddleworth Ltd, to open your eyes to the world of music.