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Competition, Competition, Competition!
by Iain Johnston, B.Sc (hons), D.Opt, Director of 2020


The three most important elements in any business are Competition Competition Competition.
And staff and stock and services and image and website and reliability and availability and of course
Competition is the mother of all invention.
Faced with the behemoths of the industry how does a small village optical outlet survive?
By being competitive.
Adapt or die
80% of market is in bricks and 20% in clicks
Have the products that the big boys don’t . Their thirst for margins is not slaked by Italian designer eyewear Their vertically integrated businesses based in the Far East mainly give you their own brands of frames and lenses.
2020 decided to give you the best value for money products at the correct price, right in the
heart of Saddleworth.

We have moved from product based to service based. After all you can’t visit the internet for adjustments!
Italian designer brands like Prada, Emporio Armani, Versace, Rayban, Dolce and Gabbana, Polo and our new best seller Tiffany Eyewear are available at a discount compared to the prices in Manchester and Leeds. Combined with our hi-tech Zeiss lens portfolio, a winning formula to compete with the industry giants.
We are offering German designed Zeiss branded Varifocals at the same price as our
competitors offer unbranded lenses. We have committed to Zeiss as a Platinum Account agent
And our patients reap the benefit.
This year we have introduced two other Zeiss lenses into our offering and portfolio.

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For you 35 to 45 year olds who struggle to avoid headaches, eyestrain and a bit of blurry reading vision, we recommend a Digital Lens from Zeiss. Aimed at users of digital devices – i.e. everyone! – those long sessions on your laptop, pc or “more loved than your partner” smart phone, will be made more comfortable and less grisly than before.

Digital lenses roughly take 20% to 30% of your reading effort away, and reduces those 35,000 full reading focuses that office workers do every day. They can also be Reactor coated to protect you from UV light outdoors and Bluelight indoors.
For you 40 somethings who work in offices, factories and manually dexterous employment, the need to
see at close (40 cm~50 cm) and also at intermediate (60 cm ~70 cm) is difficult in single prescription spectacles. So Zeiss introduced Office Lens that can cope with both.

Image result for zeiss office lens

Invisible upper and lower zones focus at near and intermediate distances keeping your vision in focus without changing spectacles. But remember – you can’t drive in these spectacles. Office lenses come automatically with an Anti-dazzle coating to reduce the scatter from screens and lights in your work place.
Independents have a reputation as not being able to compete directly with the High Street giants.
But we can!
We offer similar deals, especially the famous 2 for 1.
At 2020 that spare pair has been increased to a £139.95 second free frame when you buy a first frame from our £159.95 designer range. Or just upgrade e.g. get a pair of second Rx RayBans for just £40!
We also offer: 2 pairs for school children Discount for Students Deals for over 60s
It’s never been a better time to support your local businesses. Keep our community strong !
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Advertising feature Competition, Competition, Competition!
by Iain Johnston, B.Sc (hons), D.Opt, Director of 2020

Valid until 30th November 2018 on presentation of this voucher
A Free Anti-Dazzle Coating worth £35 on Zeiss Digital & Office lenses this autumn Not valid with any other offer
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