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How are your Reactions this year?
by Iain Johnston, B.Sc (hons), D.Opt, Director of 2020

I will hazard a guess that the answer is “Probably not as good as last year!” It happens to us all.
Adapting to your needs, that’s what life in the 21st Century seems to centre on : Flexibility, Variability and Comfort of living. Hive, RF readers, iPads, air conditioning, music streaming, Bluetooth, Alexa etc…(if you don’t know what these tech things do….ask your grandchildren!) are all products that have changed our lives forever.

So successful businesses and products need to fulfil three criteria to have longevity in a fast paced world. Flexibility. Variability. Comfort.
Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Mercedes etc are flexible, variable companies that ease your stresses and increase your comfort of living, while topping up their bottom line.
So what can optometry do to make your life more comfortable? We have new technology arriving in Saddleworth each month, from titanium and flexible plastic frames to thin and light hi-powered plastic lenses.
But one product above all that changes your daily life as a spectacle wearer is, Reactor coated lenses. At 2020, all the staff use only Transitions Signature 7
lenses from Zeiss. As the name suggests this is the seventh version or formula of these products. Faster to react and faster to unreact, that’s what the focus groups came back with and that’s what Transitions provides. You don’t keep reinventing in products if they are not selling.
And they are selling in increasing numbers year on year.
92% of all wearers repeat this product when repurchasing spectacles.
Because they are like a drug!!!
A soft drug of course!
And you won’t have trouble with the law wearing these!
The automatic protection offered by these modern wonders is very addictive. Moving from dark indoors to sunlight outdoors often leads to glare, headaches and discomfort. But with the aid of the variable tint, you are instantaneously shielded from the sunlight and your brain is relaxed and can concentrate on keeping you safe.
Every time. They won’t let you down. And the problem is . . . you don’t even realised it’s happening! It’s all done automatically for you. Yes!

They do it so subtly that you are unaware they are protecting your retinas until you take them off. Then the full glare of sunlight hits you.
Even indoors its coating reduces Blue Light from your digital devices. This light is the one you see from your TV or computer or phone when you’ve left them on when you fall asleep in the dark. This Blue Light has been linked to macular degeneration: perhaps the millennium generation will pay a very heavy price for their “digital addiction”?

With Grey, Brown and Graphite Green to choose from in the Reactor Range, the look of your world can be changed in an instant.
Give your eyes protection from cataracts, macular degeneration and glare. The Reactor lenses block even more Ultraviolet light than sunspecs and protect the thin delicate skin around the eyes. It even stops sunburn ….maybe even staving off those tell tale “crows feet”.
Come into 2020 Opticians and see the
demonstrator and videos showing Reactor lenses in action.
Try them outside the shop ( hopefully all the Beasts from the Easts will have gone back to Russia by now) and get a feel for the future of your eyecare.
The one place that they don’t React is inside, either in a building or a car. It takes direct sunlight to initiate a Reactor colour change and glass window manufacturers make it almost impossible for UV to penetrate into buildings or cars. It’s all to do with the issue of skin cancers in America. So for driving we still have those all important Polaroid lenses for you.
So we have, with our “2 for 1” offer, a complete solution to your light protection. Come and see the lenses in action in real time.
Seconds…certainly less than 10 ….that’s all it takes to show the benefits of UV protection.
Let’s block your eye problems in the future with some of your own super proactivity. Are you going to REACT ?
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Valid until 1st August 2018 on presentation of this voucher
£25 TOWARDS ANY REACTOR COATED LENSES Includes single vision and varifocals Colours: Grey, Brown and Graphite Green All beautiful to look through. Try them in store
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