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2020 Saddleworth Goes Digital by Iain Johnston, B.Sc (hons), D.Opt, Director of 2020

Omni-channelling Have you heard of it? No neither had I Until last year
I heard the expression “bricks and clicks” to describe high street business combined with an internet wing about 15 years ago.
But Omni-channelling!
It basically means keeping your business message simple, precise and easily understood by your target audience on all platforms. Research shows the modern generation want digital interaction-not human. Assisted self service kiosks are the future.
Everything that the public interacts with. Website, digital signage, instore graphics and hardcopy from headed note paper to leaflet drops. In 2015 we decided to freshen our corporate image at 2020 and introduce new partnerships in the business model.
Firstly, we changed to our “more feminine” purple and green corporate livery. The signage on the outside of the building was upgraded and lit up at night to increase our visibility in “Upperthrill” We needed to look good with a few G&T’s.
We invested in modern eye examination equipment. Electronic rapid changing lens chooser and a high meg retinal camera
were bought to make the patient journey effortless and more interactive. These combined with our state of the art infra-red eye measurer and glaucoma checker gives city centre services in your local village.
But back to Omni-channelling! We went to the market for a digital lens chooser for your prescriptions and came up blank.
All too complex. All too laborious. All too confusing. Even for the professionals! So we commissioned our own!
A lot of money. Sweat, Blood and Tears. Ok not blood, but a lot of the other three.

OPOL was born.
The unique digital interface is designed for you, the patient. We hand over the final choice of lenses to you. You are empowered to interact with OPOL.
Within 60 seconds we will give you an accurate price for your made to order spectacles. Much simpler than our high street competitors. The price you see is the price you pay.
We have not given you a lack of choice, just a lack of confusion!


And this is where Zeiss comes into our Omnichannelling story. We needed a supplier to buy into our vision of simple pricing and structured choices. We have, along with the help of Zeiss, introduced digitised dispensing. We have invested in iPad digitisers that measure your face, frame and lenses in fractions of seconds. Accuracy is increased to 1/10 of a millimetre. 10 times more accurate than a human being.
But we still need friendly, open, knowledgeable staff to welcome you to our practice and explain all about Omni-channelling and why Zeiss lenses will give you that sharp vision
you have been searching for, those last few years.
We have decided to major on Zeiss Precision Plus Varifocal as our standard lens. It has 3 technical advantages over many of its competitors:
1. It is manufactured in an oval shape; eyes move much more horizontally than vertically. 2. It is blended into prescription on the inside of the lens: the side that’s closest to the face making it smooth and less distorted. 3. Zeiss have measured 10,000’s of frames on faces and averaged all the parameters to produce a sharp focus in balance of good distance, intermediate and near vision. And we have the facility to raise the reading up the lens for the vertically challenged or lower for all you Peter Crouch’s out there.
For the next 2 months we are offering a £20 discount on all Zeiss lenses when bought as a complete pair of spectacles with a new frame from your local optician 2020 Saddleworth.

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Valid to 30th April 2018 on presentation of this voucher
£20 OFF ALL ZEISS LENSES when bought as a complete pair of spectacles with a new frame from 2020 Saddleworth
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