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The Swinging Sixties – were they bad for your eyes? Yes!!
by Iain Johnston, B.Sc (hons), D.Opt, Director of 2020

“I’ll try those NEW Varifocal lenses please.”
We hear this statement all the time in 2020 Saddleworth. It’s the “new” bit that makes us smile. The invention is older than most of our clients. 60 years old this year and counting.
Admittedly nothing like the originals in the 1950’s, but still the same principles.
The top half of the lens is for distance vision, the next quarter down is for intermediate vision and the bottom quarter is for near reading vision. And with absolutely no lines.
Made by £1million computer controlled surfacing machines, these modern pieces of engineering can be made to perform most of the variable functions the eye has sadly given up the ghost doing. So, all those kids brought up on their Rally bikes, black and white TV and sherbet dips, welcome to the world of “presbyopia” …quite literally “old eye”. Based on Latin, when the life expectancy
was about 45 years, and an “old” person required help with their close work, like eating! From age 40!

” My eyes are going” is a common cry of 1970’s babies.
“My eyes have gone” is the cry of the 1950’s and 1960’s generation.
Patients can rectify this stiffening of the internal eye crystalline lens with prescription single vision reading glass and play the “Where the heck have I placed my bins?” game. The answer being invariably “On the top of your head, grandad.” Or they can wear them on a string!!!! Aargh. For the “young” people of the 70’s this is just not acceptable.
Tim Wonnacott they are not.

So, we end up at the start of our story.
2020 Saddleworth only use Zeiss Precision Plus bi-surfaced engineered varifocals. Revolutionary breakthroughs in physical products are now rarer as science has pushed many boundaries already. But by careful computer-controlled experiments on REAL people, i.e. the public, lens manufacturers around the world have honed their control of optics to within microns.

Eye tracking and optical manipulation have produced superfine, hyper controlled manufactured lenses with aberrations reduced to a minimum.
No longer the swimming around world of old style lenses, more the smooth gliding optical calmness that is Zeiss Precision Plus Varifocals.
The UK’s modern digital generation require smooth transition between driving (45 million), digital devices (over 100 million) and paperwork
(billions and billions) . . . . .
The “paperless society” has increased paper use by over 50% inside a generation.
So “I don’t read” doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. We all need to see distance, intermediate and near. To do the “yoyo” lifestyle of on and off single vision readers is not appropriate anymore with all the digital vision that is required in today’s modern society.
The biggest drive in the next 30 years is digital interactive EVERYTHING. A recent survey found that a majority of Millennials PREFERRED NOT TO INTERACT WITH OTHER HUMANS when purchasing goods.
Welcome to AMAZON WORLD.
The need for intermediate digital vision has never been stronger. Visit 2020 to see what Zeiss Precision Plus Varifocals can do for your lifestyle and easy, comfortable vision.
Give your eyes the best.
Give them ZEISS.
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