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Britain’s Polarised Society
by Iain Johnston, B.Sc (hons), D.Opt, Director of 2020

I’m not talking about Brexit. I’m not talking about the have and the have nots. I’m not talking about the gender pay gap. I’m not talking about the glass ceiling of education.
I’m talking about all those people who have tried and loved Polaroid sunspectacles!
Once you wear these gems of modern technology you will not tolerate inferior quality vision.
The largest section of the market is vehicle drivers. There are 45.5 million driving licence holders in the UK of which 44.5 million are ok…. ish??!
But statistics show that 250,000 accidents per year around the world are caused by glare and poor visibility. And the older we get, the worse that glare becomes.
So if you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, you should give yourself every
opportunity of avoiding those 1 million drivers that can’t drive!
For example, in Uppermill, the front of 2020 Saddleworth witnesses the madness that is 13 street entrances in 200 metres. Sunlight in the morning from the east and sunlight in the evening from the west; a recipe for accidents.
If everyone in Saddleworth drove in Polaroid lenses throughout the year, we are positive the accident rates for car to car would drop, but the car to pedestrian rates would plummet.
The pedestrians don’t have to look through a dirty windscreen and look in three mirrors continuously. They only have to avoid the
big metal death machines on wheels. But a blocked blinding, glaring sunbeam inside the cabin of a vehicle could be the difference between safety and disaster.
Come down to 2020 and look at the demonstrator to see the increase in safety and comfort that is achieved with Polarised lenses.
If a generation of fishermen, sailors, golfers and skiers purchase these Polaroid lenses for their sport, I don’t
understand why the driving public don’t feel it necessary to protect themselves and other car users and pedestrians.
And before you say I only drive “a few miles” a year 52% of all car accidents happen within 5 miles of your house. Only 1% happen 50 miles or more away. So those local nips to the shops, bank or school are 50 times more likely to end in an accident than the trip to the coast.
Reduced eyestrain and more importantly brain strain will hopefully make you feel less stressed at the end of your journeys. There are 750,000 + drivers over the age of 70 in Britain and everyone, that has not had a intra ocular plastic lens insert, has cataract …whether clinically significant or not. Sunlight in these eyes is horrific. Glare, reflections and false images are regular distractions from the road. Younger drivers, because they have pure lenses inside the eye, get too much light.
You just can’t win!!

Try Polaroids and make your life safer. And everyone else’s.
And of course, we must mention those foreign holiday trips booked to get away from the British summer. Beaches with their reflective sand and water are where Polaroids come into their own. Comfort and relaxation are top of your holiday requirements. And your eyes are no different.
Give your eyes a holiday.
Wear Polaroid!
To help you with your summer eyecare, we at 2020 Saddleworth are offering you a chance to half the price of a Zeiss Polaroid lens. If you are interested, polaroids block horizontal waves that bounce off shiny surfaces.
We will pay for those. You just pay for the vertical ones.!!
All you have to do is order a complete pair of prescription sunspecs this quarter and we will pay for one of your Polaroid upgraded lenses. Easy.
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